Friday, November 6, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Beat Doctor's Striptease Mix

'Cause really, who wants to strip to Dem Franchise Boyz?

So, over here at the Beat Doctor's Lab, a.k.a. my computer room, we're lookin' out for the fellas' well-being. This particular set, "The Striptease Mix," isn't what you might think. We're not lookin' to make it rain out this bitch.

We're thinking of your girl. Not in that way. Well, then again, I guess that depends... anyway, I'm getting off track...

Anyone can throw on a Franchise Boyz track and try to convince their girl to do a cornball striptease. But your girl doesn't wanna strip to the same song as the $10-a-lap-dance chick from the local strip bar. In fact, she might not wanna do a striptease for you at all.

But toss this mix in next time you're feeling a little randy, and see if you don't achieve the desired result in the form of some rare soul tracks, some Marvin Gaye, Sister Nancy, Sarah Vaughan and just the right amount of slow, slinky rock. And a little Henry Mancini for good measure. And a Brasilian chick covering "Light My Fire." That's right.

Click here to download free, courtesy of The link is good until Nov. 13. Enjoy!

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