Saturday, February 6, 2010

BDP Show: Weekly Podcast Wrap, Feb. 1-5

So if you missed any of the first week of The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show - and you're too lazy to scroll down - below are links to each episode. All links will expire a week after the show date.

Monday, Feb. 1 - DOWNLOAD
• News: Obama's vigorous Q&A with the GOP and Beyonce's domination of the Grammy Awards
• A&E: We review the new album by the youngest Jonas brother, Nick Jonas's Who I Am
• Sports: Let us bow our heads and send out a prayer asking Bob Nutting to sell the Pittsburgh Pirates to Mario Lemieux

Tuesday, Feb. 2 - DOWNLOAD
• News: Proposed changes to the No Child Left Behind Act
• A&E: A review of Careful on the Way Up, by English rappers Diversion Tactics
• Sports: Michael Vick keeps it real in the joint, and Sidney Crosby busts out a hat-trick in eight minutes.

Wednesday, Feb. 3 - DOWNLOAD
• News: Cosmo declares "the G-string is dead" and we explore the alarming rise in male breast-reduction surgery in the UK
• A&E: It's the first "Old-School Wednesday," and we review ragtime combo the Two Man Gentlemen Band
• Sports: Pitt/WVU preview, we handicap the Duquesne/Temple game

Thursday, Feb. 4 - DOWNLOAD
• News: Somalian Islamist rebels pledge allegiance to al-Qaeda; we make the case that the U.S. might have been better off invading Somalia than Iraq
• A&E: It's back across the pond for a review of Dr. Rubberfunk's Hot Stone
• Sports: West Virginia University's Couch-Burning Brigade (a.k.av. the student section) was throwing debris onto the court and into the face of a Pitt assistant coach. We talk about how Neanderthal behavior is a three-credit course at WVU

Friday, Feb. 5 - DOWNLOAD
• News: We get a detailed response to our Somalia vs. Iraq segment from Thursday
• A&E: A review of Nigerian singer Nneka's Concrete Jungle; we also interview our first in-studio guest, unsigned rapper and fiancee to a certain podcast-show host, MC Aub Zee, and find out why she's going to leave me for Brett Favre.

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