Sunday, February 14, 2010

BDP Show: Weekly Podcast Wrap, Feb. 8-12

Our second week of the program was marked by (timpani roll....) THE STOOOOORM OF 2010, both Pt. 1: 'Nobody Beats tha Blizz' and its nasty little cousin, Pt. 2: 'We're Off to See the Blizzard.' But we managed to push through - or possibly shovel through - and if you missed any, the weekly recap is below (all links are active until one week after the show date):

FEB. 8, 2010 - DOWNLOAD
NEWS: We take a look back at our frozen weekend, our equally-frozen house, and our raging beef with the snow-shoveling crew next door
A&E: We review Dutch hip-hop trio The Q4's new album, Sound Surroundings
SPORTS: We talk a little Drew Breeeeeeeees and the Super-Bowl-winning Saints

FEB. 9, 2010 - DOWNLOAD
NEWS: We welcome special guest Joe Pesci, who celebrates his birthday by getting upset with our questions about another 'Home Alone' sequel
A&E: We review D.C. beatmaker Oddisee's new instrumental album, Traveling Man. We also explore the, uh, possibility that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are actually 33rd-degree Masons out to rule the world

FEB. 10, 2010 - DOWNLOAD
NEWS: We pitch our Lil' Wayne reality TV show, after discovering that he had to have $14,000 in diamonds removed from his teeth before going to jail
A&E: On our second old-school Wednesday, we review composer Les Baxter's 1970 take on samba, Bugaloo in Brazil

FEB. 11, 2010 - DOWNLOAD
NEWS: We mark the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran to talk about how sites we once considered annoying - Facebook and Twitter - have become invaluable communication tools
A&E: We hop across the pond to review Condors, the debut album by UK trio Nedry
SPORTS: We preview the Pitt game and learn why you shouldn't play the Beatles on your podcast OR try to cover Johnny Cash

FEB. 12, 2010 - DOWNLOAD
NEWS: We bring you an Olympic story you're probably not going to hear about on NBC and talk a little about drug legalization
A&E: As long as we're in Canada, we hitch a ride from Dudley Do-Right and review a quality EP by Manitoba MCs The Lytics

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