Monday, February 1, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: Feb. 1, 2010

Am I so bored that I'm trying my hand at hosting a podcast?
I guess so...

So I'm trying this out. I really can't explain why, but... welcome to the first edition of The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show! Like our mission here at Obscure Music Monthly, the podcast is definitely centered around bringing you the best in music you might not have heard, but I'd like to put together a [hopefully] daily 20-minute podcast that brings in a few elements of national or world news, along with some sports and pop culture.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SHOW. (the link is good until Feb. 7) And if there's something you want to hear, email the show at

Here's the rundown for the premiere, along with links to some background on the day's topics:

President Obama engaged the GOP in a vigorous Q&A session at the Republicans' retreat in Baltimore on Friday. We're not really trying to get into a lot of politics on the program, but the session is more noteworthy as an example of entertaining, engaging discussion. Links to news coverage
It snowed 10 inches at my place over the weekend. It was great... until I had to clean off the car... twice. Photos here (you must be logged into Facebook)
Beyonce rules the Grammy Awards, taking home five; our main beef with Grammies is Eminem winning for the craptastic Relapse.

• The youngest Jonas brother put out a solo album, and it isn't terrible! We'll talk about how I just made that statement and am completely ignorant of the Jonas Brothers' total musical output, and yet still feel qualified to pass judgement on them. Actually, Who I Am, by Nick Jonas & the Administration, is pretty good. Hear samples at
• What do you get when you mix a savvy pop-orchestra combo with a little abstract jazz and a few other crazy musical moves? Apparently, you get Jaga Jazzist, a nifty Norwegian group whose One-Armed Bandit is pretty cool. More at

• We weep for the Duquesne Dukies' 86-50 loss to Xavier, and recount the Sad Story of Simon Ogunlesi, the one-time Dukies recruit who helped run a PNC Bank scam instead of going hard to the boards.
PIRATES FOR SALE? -- The short answer is probably not, but we send out a prayer that manages to include Bobby Bonilla, Barry Bonds' neck and that time Jose Lind drove through the front of a McDonald's with no pants on.

Our mission is to keep you entertained, so email the show at and join in!

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