Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: Feb. 17, 2010

How much Moog can you handle?
Robert Mason thinks it's a lot.

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Old-school Wednesday takes us south to Brasil today, with a look back at Caetano Veloso's classic 1968 record Tropicalia, along with some funky cosmic slop by way of Moog synthesizer wiz Robert Mason.

• Scottish brewers BrewDog have created the world's strongest beer, an 82-proof animal called Sink the Bismarck! We discuss brewing methods and whether we're prepared to shill out for what's sure to be an expensive six-pack.

• We review Caetano Veloso's landmark fusion record Tropicalia.

• Men's Olympic ice hockey is underway. The US hits the ground running, Crosby and the Canadian Bacon make a fresh pelt out of Norway, and we bring you the latest installment in our new Olympic series, "This Day in Soul-Crushing Women's Hockey Losses." We know there's no crying in baseball... is there crying in hockey? What if you lose by 13?

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