Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: Feb. 2, 2010

One year ago yesterday... ah, what a sweet feeling it was...

It's only been one day, and already I'm tired of saying "The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show," so welcome to The BDP Show! (and I actually may change the whole thing, since "BDP Show" is nice and catchy, but a little too close to "DP Show," the nickname for Dan Patrick's program... decisions, decisions.

Today we welcome our first show contributor, talk about the ambiguous changes the Obama administration wants to make to No Child Left Behind, review British MC crew Diversion Tactics' newest album Careful On the Way Up, revel in Sidney Crosby's hat trick and the Pens' second win in a row, and ask the all-important question: are you ready to pay $1,000 for what some guy on Craigslist says is a couch that once belonged to former Penguin Darius Kasparaitis (or 'Kasperitis,' as our main man on Craiglist spelled it)?

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST (link will be active until Feb. 8). Below, the rundown for Groundhog Day. Here's to an early spring, Punxsutawney Phil... you might be alright underground, but the electric bill is punching some of us in the kidney:

The Obama administration announced today that they want to make 'sweeping changes' to No Child Left Behind (NCLB), according to the New York Times - although they didn't really want to say what those changes were. But any change would be a good change, considering how many educators have griped about many of its aspects. We'll use it as an excuse to talk about our favorite show, HBO's 'The Wire," whose fourth season paints a gripping portrait of the failure of NCLB and urban education.

We hop across the pond and review London MC crew Diversion Tactics' latest, Careful On the Way Up, a boom-bap-inspired, dusty album that has me hearkening back to the Golden Age of New York Hip-Hop... speaking of which, one of the guests on this album is Stones Throw artist and legendary Bronx MC Percee P. Definitely worth checking out. Click here to visit their MySpace page.

When Michael Vick was on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday morning, one of his quotes had us thinking that maybe he's still got the same attitude that landed him in trouble in the first place. We'll talk about that, plus PENS WIN! Crosby plows out an eight-minute hat trick in the second period and we introduce you to our Geico-inspired nickname for Pascal Dupuis.

My original idea for the podcast was to have a "musical theme" each day, with all of the songs tying together in some way. But then I searched "podcast legal issues music" on Google and, well, so much for that. This isn't a commercial or licensed podcast, so I have to abide by fair use. But I did have a great water-themed day planned, so with my plan foiled, here's what we COULD have brought you if we weren't petrified at the thought of being sued (click the links to hear samples at Amazon.com):

• DJ Eddie Def, "Poeisies, Scene 1 le Blues," from the first volume of an awesome DJ/producer compilation series, Deep Concentration. It's got bangin' tracks by the X-ecutioners, Prince Paul and especially DJ Radar (check him out below in a sweet set with one turntable and a foot-pedal sampler)
• Marlena Shaw, "Wade in the Water," off her Anthology. You probably only know Marlena Shaw from "California Soul," a.k.a. That Song in the Dockers Commercial from A Couple Years Back. But she's really good. And for my fellow producer geeks, Beatminerz sampled her "Woman of the Ghetto" as part of Buckshot's Alter the Chemistry.
• E40, "Water," and we'll just leave it at that, since I don't wanna take a bunch of crap from my boy about kind-of-sort-of liking some of E40's songs.
• Bob Dylan, "High Water (for Charley Patton)," a great, dramatic track with a little banjo action, off Dylan's Love & Theft.

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