Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: Feb. 22, 2010

The perfect way to head into the second round.

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USA WINS!! 5-3 over Sidney Crosby & the Great White Beast from the North. We'll talk about the great goaltending performance by goalie Ryan Miller, and also touch on Jaromir Jagr getting steamrolled like a fresh patch of asphalt.
• Since less of us are working, less of us are hitting the drive-thru in the early-morning hours, according to the Washington Post. We'll ask whether breakfast at home is the one silver lining in the recession cloud.
• We dare you to rent this room on Craiglist. AWWWW S***!! THERE'S A BATHROOM, TOO!

• We review the free, downloadable EP from former Floetry singer Marsha Ambrosius.

• The US shocked the world with an upset over one of the two teams favored to take home the gold in Olympic hockey, the Canadiens (the other favorite is Russia). Penguin defenseman Brooks Orpik helped set the tone for a hard-hitting game that saw Canada goalie Marty Brodeur giving up a very-uncharacteristic five goals. Meanwhile, we have to give it up to the Pens' Stanley Cup rival and Detroit Red Wing star Brian Rafalski, who had back-to-back two-goal games to lead the US in their last two wins.
• The world stopped to tune in for Tiger Woods' non-press-conference press conference on Friday. I think the last time this many people tuned in for a "moment in time" was the OJ verdict (which I still insist is the "Kennedy moment" for my generation; I still remember exactly where I was when it was announced).

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF TIGER'S APOLOGY/CHEATING/EGOMANIA/POSSIBLE COMEBACK? You can email the show at We toss it to the Faithful Listeners:

Zack from Pittsburgh writes:
"He never should have left the tour. He never should have gone to rehab. He never should have apologized. Nobody was surprised and nobody was offended except for the people who actually care about him as a person. I'm guessing that there aren't/weren't many of those to begin with."

Jody from Pennsylvania writes:
"As a golfer he is talented, as a person he is scum. The apology was a joke. It seems he is more concerned with saving his career than anything else and if I was his wife that would speak volumes to me. No amount of money would be worth staying because it basically says that is what my heart ache is worth. Now staying for the kids sake? that I can't speak to. That 'good job' hug from his mom was unnecessary. He needs to stand alone on this. I think a public apology is a condition of his therapy but to do it on TV seems a mockery in a way... like bad reality tv. I heard a lot of sports casters comment on his 'vulnerability' but I have seen more emotion coming from a paper cup. At some point I would have liked to have seen him break down and sob and beg his wife's forgiveness, like in a good chick-flick romantic comedy. I would have respected that more. There is no doubt he is one of the best golfers ever. And if that is his main concern then that's fine, do that. But don't waste your time or ours trying to be a decent man; you just don't have what it takes to make the team."

Finally, the Golf Channel prostitutes itself and pleads for Tiger's return, by way of analyst Charlie Ryman, who's so moved that he breaks down like he's at his best friend's funeral. Charlie, the dude cheated on his wife. He didn't die saving two-dozen orphans from a burning building. Get a grip:

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