Monday, February 22, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: Feb. 23, 2010

The GOP health care plan?

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST! (link will be active until March 2.... wow, I put Feb. 29 yesterday, huh.... let's make that MARCH 1)

ALSO: Something to try if you're a PC user... right now, the download limit for the podcast is 100, because it's hosted through a remote server (same reason the links are only active for a week). But try right-clicking and playing the podcast instead of downloading it. Drop an email to the show ( and let us know if that's possible, or if it just goes ahead and downloads the file anyway. THANKS!

• The Obama administration made a veiled threat to use something called reconciliation to jam yesterday's new healthcare proposal through Congress. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Will healthcare reform happen? Should it happen? Why does the GOP say "no, no, no," but then not offer any alternatives? Email the program at and give us your take!

• We review a great new album that's currently exclusive to, Hurray for the Riff Raff's Young Blood Blues.
• Your Faithful Host collaborates with an MC from the great state of Del-a-Where-It's-At for today's intro/outro music, Young Lyrix.

• In my zeal to sizzle Canada's bacon over their hockey loss to Team USA, I totally forgot about Pitt's upset win over No. 3 Villanova!
• Yahoo Sports columnist Greg Wyshynski discussed the hatefest between the US and Canadian hockey squidders in his column previewing the matchup.

Finally, possibly the next great entry in the Adult Swim line:

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