Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: Feb. 24, 2010

Get your groove on today,
courtesy of Africa's finest funk...

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Today's Old-School Wednesday takes us to the funkiest corners of Africa. Just before I started the podcast, I posted this mix, and I was going to promote it during the first week of the show, but then it slipped my mind. So we present it in two parts today, with a little news and sports jammed between.

Also, a quick note: The BDP Show was created in an attempt to bring you great music - both old and new - which you may not have heard, and that extends to hip-hop. So in the future, you may see a "not-safe-for-work" (NSFW) label on some segments. Quite frankly, we probably should have slapped that sucker on the Joe Pesci and Kim Jong-Il interviews as well, but we figure the censor bleeps take care of that. Regardless, it just ain't fair to exclude good rappers based on explicit lyrics. We like to keep it relatively clean here on the program, but heck, we might as well take advantage of the complete lack of censorship offered by the "World Wide Internets," to quote urban entrepreneur Toby Jones, owner of Jones Big-Ass Truck Rental & Storage as well as Jones Good-Ass BBQ & Foot Massage.

On with the show...

• You thought it was gone... don't call it a comeback, because as we near the medal round, the games should get much more even, but for today... we welcome back "This Day in Soul-Crushing Women's Hockey Losses!"
• ESPN personality - and we're not ashamed to say, a partial inspiration for this foray into broadcasting - Tony Kornheiser, was temporarily suspended yesterday, apparently for his radio-show comments on co-worker Hannah Storm's go-go boots.

• We'll run down a few national news items, ranging from an unexpected Fox News guest to Latin America and the Caribbean forming their own regional organization to an update on the death of the latest healthcare reform bill... at least as long as it's got a public option.

Also, The Who may be through... though anyone who saw their Super Bowl performance already knew that. WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE PERFORM AT THE SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW? Surely the NFL has recovered from the "wardrobe malfuction" scandal, and we can think of a dozen artists we'd love to see in place of more Old Man Rock. Email the program at thebeatdoctor@verizon.net and give us your opinion!

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