Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: Feb. 4, 2010

"Jack Sparrow? Who the &$^! is Jack Sparrow? Welcome to Somalia. Now give up your s&$#."

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No co-host yet, but there is good news. While I'm perfectly happy to use the BDP Show as a vehicle to force people to listen to my hip-hop beats, the whole reason I started this podcast was to bring cool, obscure music to you, the Faithful Listener (if there is such a thing after only four days)... the important factor, of course, being the ability to do it without being sued.

One way is to bring you records that, actually, aren't commercially available. There are tons of websites out there dedicated to out-of-print albums that you are permitted to download for free, legally. One such site that's great for finding obscure African music is Likembe Blogspot, and thanks to them, the intro/outro music for today's podcast is brought to you by Iftin, a '70s funk band from Somalia, in eastern Africa. If you like what you hear, you can download it all here. On to the show...

Rare 1970s Somalian funk, you say? Never fear... it's topical. Today's top story on the program is the BBC's report that an Islamic rebel group in Somalia has joined al-Qaeda. We're no political analysts, but in November 2008, we wrote a blog post basically predicting this would happen, and made the case that it would have actually made more sense to take military action in Somalia than Iraq. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Email the show at and let us know!

One thing we didn't predict, however, is that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel would refer to ads attacking the Obama administration's healthcare reform plans as "f***ing retarded." Or that it would get reported. Or that Special Olympics head Tim Shriver would be calling for his head the same way he called for Robert Downey Jr.'s for his "never go full retard" speech" in "Tropic Thunder." Is it malicious to use "the R-word"? We're not really so sure.

We review English artist Dr. Rubberfunk, whose latest, Hot Stone, is a nice blend of old-school Motown-style R&B and modern production atmospherics. We also vent a little rage, thanks to all of those stupid Facebook game apps that are cluttering up my live feed...

Thuggin' Bob Huggins had to do crowd control on his home court last night in Pitt's ugly 19-point loss to West Virginia, after one of the couch-burning dolts in the student section chucked a water bottle onto the court, and later hit a Pitt assistant coach with something else. We explore how Neanderthal behavior seems to be an intramural sport at WVU.

We also apply for a job as the next Jimmy the Greek: on the last two editions of the program, we insisted we wouldn't bet on Duquesne against Temple unless we were getting 17 points (the official line was 12.5). Well, look who managed to put together a 16-point loss (76-60) to beat our very-reasonable spread by 1 point? That's right. The Dukies.

Finally, we make fun of Brett Favre's agent for failing Anatomy & Physiology class, after he blamed Favre's interception in the NFC championship game on his leg instead of his arm.

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TOMORROW: We reflect on the first week of the program, continue our efforts to lure a co-host, bring you some out-of-print psychedelic rock and maybe - juuuust maybe - we'll have a special guest on the show and debut her first two rap singles.

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