Monday, February 8, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: Feb. 8, 2010

Your Faithful Host prepares, Hezbollah-style, to head over to the office and retrieve the snow shovel...

DID YOU LIVE THROUGH THE BLIZZARD OF 2010: 'NOBODY BEATS THA BLIZZ'? We sure did. Two feet of snow later, let the thawing begin (of course, Jim Cantore is already warning of the possible NEXT bout with El NiƱo, headed toward Chicago when last I dared to check it).

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Here on the program, once we got our power restored (twice) we got busy preparing today's podcast, where we recount our frozen weekend which included:
• A 46-degree house
• Shoveling and Icy Hot, and;
• Our raging beef with the crew cleaning the next-door sidewalk

We also warm you up from the blizzard with some hot funk from Willie Hutch, talk about Super Bowl MVP Drew Breeeeeeeeeees and the triumphant Saints, and review the trip-hoppy Sound Surroundings, by Dutch producers The Q4.

Related links:
• Q4 - Sound Surroundings (2010)
• Willie Hutch - Fully Exposed (1973)
• Some blizzard photos from our neck of the woods

[Also a quick correction: we accidentally referred to Mark Eaton as "Rob" Eaton. Our apologies to Eaton and the entire city of Wilmington, Delaware, which was kind enough to host a hilarious Louis CK concert and an awesome reggae festival where we saw our favorite Puerto Rican reggae band, Gomba Jahbari. But we digress...]

And finally, our favorite part of the 2010 blizzard, this Baltimore weatherman going completely apesh*t while predicting the coming storm. We don't have this channel, but we'd bet one of the main advertisers is the local grocery chain. If this doesn't get you primed for bread, milk and eggs, we don't know what does:

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