Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: April 1, 2010

"Sorry, Sarah Palin...
You know what Momma said..."

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Happy April Fool's Day! We celebrate this wonderful occasion with a few segments of... no... not 'breaking news'... FAKING NEWS! Speaking of fake, we'll also reveal how our completely-fabricated "interview" yesterday, between Sarah Palin and LL Cool J... was apparently just as accurate as the Uncle L "interview" Fox News was going to feature on Palin's new show tonight! ("Real American Stories," 10 p.m. EST, Fox News Channel)

• Today's date is also noteworthy as the birthday of reggae legend Jimmy Cliff. Our intro/outro music comes from Cliff's 1970 album, Wonderful World, Beautiful People, which features his classic version of "Many Rivers to Cross."
• We'll feature a first for the program... Swiss cow-collecting jazz (not a joke), Thierry Lang's Lyoba Revisited.

• We'll touch on a family-shattering foul ball and journey back to the Kingdom of Isleworth for another visit with Sir Eldrick Woods, Elin of Nordegren and Stevie of Loxley... in the Woeful Tale of Vanity Faire and Eldrick the Miserly Moneybagger.

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