Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: March 22, 2010

Most of us are with you on that one, Brad Wanamaker...

• Complete this metaphor: "My bracket is like __________." You can email the show at to complain about falling into the deep end of your pool. We're holding our heads above water with Kentucky as our national champion, but... well... let's just say... it would be really nice if Purdue could find it in their hearts to pound Duke into the hardwood...

• We'll review Way of the World, the new album from 80-something blues composer Mose Allison. Also, we'll talk about it a little more tomorrow, but MC and DJ J-Live - whose Valentine's-Day mix we also mentioned on the program - has just released a new mix, First Things First, a blend of some of the best opening songs off great hip-hop records ranging from Funkdoobiest to Ghostface and NWA. It's a free download for a limited time. Check it out here.

Also, our into/outro tunes come from a live 2005 performance by funk band Afroskull. Hear more of them here.

• What else? Tourney, tourney, tourney! (We promise, we'll try and make today the last day of tourney talk... at least until Thursday...)

HELP US WITH TOMORROW'S PODCAST! What's the best first song from ANY record? Doesn't have to be hip-hop... doesn't even have to be a classic album, but what's a song you remember kicking off a record that got you hooked immediately? Right off the beat, we're thinking Paul Simon's "Boy in the Bubble," Springsteen's "The E Street Shuffle" and "Bring the Ruckus," by the Wu-Tang Clan. Email and give us yours!

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