Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: March 24, 2010

Go ahead, Shuggie...

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• Today, we travel into the future, imagine the untimely passing of "legendary" "reggae" "artist" Snow, and welcome him to the afterlife with yesterday's accidental discovery, The Alarm Clock From Hell.

• For this week on Old-School Wednesday, we compile your suggestions for the Worst Song of All Time, and we'll review Shuggie Otis's fantastic 1974 record Inspiration Information. Listen to more of his music here.

• Gather 'round, all ye children, to hear the woeful tale of Sir Eldrick Woods of Orlando, and his fair maiden, Elin of Nordegren... and some "porn star" from Florida who may be Triple-X Tramp No. 3 on Sir Eldrick's alleged hit list ("Hit it" list? We digress.)

Finally, check out this hilarious fake trailer from Funny or Die:

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