Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Beat Doctor's Podcast Show: April 14, 2010

"I hereby concede the title for Greasiest Sports Mullet
to Masters champion Phil Mickelson..."

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• No real news, per se... except that we can't stop watching the bazillions of JMU Springfest riot videos on YouTube, to seek out more great examples of drunken youth at its most ridiculous.

• Our intro/outro music on today's Old-School Wednesday comes from bluegrass legend Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys. Check out more of their music here. We also review a James Brown album you may not know, his 1973 collaboration with Fred Wesley on the Black Caesar soundtrack.

• (Sigh)... let's get into Big Ben's Big Mess... no trial... possible civil action?... suspension?... no one knows... one thing we do know... it's all bad. We'll get to your reaction and also read a good candidate for the No. 1 STUNNA, the Tweet of the Year.

And now... a new JMU tradition... MGD Dodgeball!:

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