Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Intolerance and Ignorance from the Deep South? SURELY YOU JEST

INTERNATIONAL Burn a Koran Day, eh? That's a little
presumptuous, don't you think, you uneducated redneck?

Opposing the construction of a New York City mosque because you don't know enough about the tenets of Islam is something that reasonable people can debate.

Burning Korans on Sept. 11 in order to purposefully denigrate one of the world's major religions? Well, that just shows you're an intolerant asshole. If you don't believe that, try to imagine what the f*ck would happen if anyone, Muslim or otherwise, staged a Bible-burning on Christmas.

I'll tell you one thing that would happen. The redneck hate-mongering sh*t-ignorant minister in the photo above would probably try to cut the heads off everyone involved, and he would say it was done "in Jesus's name." (sorry: "JEEEEEEEEZUS'S NAME!")

Oh yeah, and let's not forget that Gen. David Petraeus and several Pentagon officials warned against this utter stupidity, saying it may provoke attacks on U.S. troops abroad. Right now I am watching a newsfeed of Afghans burning a U.S. flag just in the anticipation that this MIGHT happen.

So go ahead, Gainesville, Fla.-based mini-church - they have about 50 members - with your Koran-burning... you know what, there's no reason arguing about this, because this minister just said in a national news interview that "it would be tragical" if U.S. troops died because of it. Tragical... well, there's no arguing with someone this stupid. So forget it.

I am, however, 100 percent in favor of a draft sending every single person who participates in the Koran-burning to Afghanistan to serve a two-year tour of duty.

Really, what's most upsetting about this is the complete and utter silence on the part of Republican leadership, who pride themselves on being the country's Big-Dick Patriots, the ONLY party who truly supports the troops. If that were really the case, the GOP would come out against this (because let's just be honest: this minister and every single person in his congregation are clearly Glenn-Beck-watching, tea-bagging red-staters).

P.S. Yes, Florida is the Deep South. Pretty much anywhere outside the municipal limits of Orlando, Miami, Tampa and Tallahassee is the Deep, Deeeeeep Motherf*ckin' South.

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