Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tonight's Setlist: Table 22, Murrysville, Pa., 8/6/11

Table 22 is a pretty nice place. Wish the first-set crowd would have stuck around for the second set; they were starting to feel it a little by the end. Maybe I'm just an optimist... listen and download for free, courtesy of

Early set:
Rain Song No. 3* >
Sugar Mountain (N. Young)
Dock of the Bay (O. Redding)
Pride of Cucamonga (Dead)
Two Angels*
Big River (J. Cash) >
New Mexican Shuffle*
Candyman (Dead)
Early Morning Rain (Gordon Lightfoot) >
Jam* >
Early Morning Rain
You Can Keep It*
Boys in the Barroom (R. Hunter) >
Box of Rain (Dead)
Breadbox (N. Buffalo)
Quite a Night*
Row Jimmy (Dead) >
Throwing Stones (Dead)

Late set:
Down in the Flood (Dylan)
Southwest Sky*
Mother's Meth-Head Blues*
The Wheel (Dead) >
Magnolia (J. Cale) >
Lady with a Fan (Dead) >
The Captain* >
New Speedway Boogie (Dead) >
Good Morning Lil' Schoolgirl (J. Lee Williamson) >
The Other One (Dead) >
New Speedway Boogie
Cocaine Blues (G. Davis)
Sign on the Window (Dylan) >
Weather Report Suite, Pt. 1 (Dead) >
On a Foggy Night (T. Waits)
Love Please Come Home (B. Monroe)
She Wore a Wreath of Roses (T. Bayly, original arr.) >
Over the Hills and Far Away (J. Page/R. Plant) >
Brown-Eyed Women (Dead) >
5:55 A.M.* >
Jam* >
China Doll (Dead) >
Eyes of the World (Dead)


Unfortunately, I ran about 15 minutes overtime and didn't get to do what I was hoping, a super-special Shark Week dedication: the full version of the English sea chanty that Quint sings in 'Jaws.' Oh well. It'll have to wait until next year.