Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tonight's Setlist: 8/4/12, The Twisted Thistle, Leechburg, Pa.


It's true. Ever since I started recording sets on a regular basis, I've been looking for a good opportunity to bust out "Spanish Ladies," better known as "The Sea Chantey That Quint Sings in 'Jaws.'" When I was diving into 1800s music, I thought of it, Googled that sh*t, and lo and behold, it's got like six more verses. It's a pretty good bar singalong, too.

Not to mention that The Twisted Thistle, Leechburg's newest dining and drinking establishment, is a helluva spot. Old-school wooden interior and brickwork, Great Lakes beer on tap and a pork-belly appetizer that is the double-SHIZNIT. I highly recommend it.

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Early set:
Mystery Train (J. Parker) >
Statesboro Blues (Blind Willie McTell) > Mystery Train
Quite a Night*
Feelin' Alright (S. Winwood)
Althea (Dead)
You Can Keep It*
Row Jimmy (Dead) >
Floating Bridge (J. Estes)
Big River (J. Cash) >
New Mexican Shuffle*
I Like It* >
You Don't Love Me (W. Cobb) > I Like It

Late set:
Jimmy Olsen's Blues (Spin Doctors)
Summertime (Gershwin)
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Dylan)
I Ain't Superstitious (C. Burnett)
In the Pines (Leadbelly)
Candyman (Dead)
Copperhead Road (S. Earle)
Black Peter (Dead)
The Captain* >
Spanish Ladies (Trad. English sea chantey) > The Captain
Bird Stealing Bread (Iron & Wine) >
Bertha (Dead)
Cat Man Blues (Blind Boy Fuller)


Friday, August 3, 2012

Tonight's Setlist: 8/2/12, Club Café, Pittsburgh, Pa. with The Grifters

Great time.

Co-headlined a great evening at Club Café with The Grifters. Thanks to everyone who came out. The recording link will be up shortly, including a couple Grifters tunes I caught before running out of memory!

Tonight was only the second time I've covered a Hendrix song — obviously, you have to choose those carefully. "Belly-Button Window" is a good one, mostly because it's not all that Hendrix-y. It's just a straight blues shuffle. A fitting precursor to my son, who will be "coming down into this world, daddy" in October.

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You Can Keep It*
Down in the Flood (Dylan)
Rain Song No. 3*
Quite a Night*
Bird Song (Dead) >
5:55 AM* >
Southwest Sky* >
Brown-Eyed Women (Dead)
Strange Moon*
Magnolia (J.J. Cale) >
Statesboro Blues (Blind Willie McTell) >
The Other One (Dead) >
Blackbird (McCartney) > The Other One >
Belly-Button Window (Hendrix) >
Jack Straw (Dead)
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry^ (Dylan)
Pig in a Pen^ (R. Skaggs)
Floating Bridge^ (J. Estes)
Deep Elem Blues^ (Dead) >
Malted Milk^
Angel Band^ (Stanley Bros.)

^with The Grifters