Monday, February 16, 2009

Enough About This Hasheem Thabeet Character... He Ain't No DeJuan Blair

'That's cool, you go ahead and be all 7'3" and shit... I'll just make you look like the Tanzanian Shawn Bradley..."

I'm sure it's intimidating to go up against Hasheem Thabeet, the Tanzanian Tower of Terror. I mean, damn, 7'3", had nine blocks the other night, that's not bad. But DeJuan Blair made him look like what he really is: a big lanky dude who's only been playing ball since 16. He made him look like a chump.

Blair posted 22 points and 23 rebounds, but his stat line also reflects the time Thabeet spent on the bench in foul trouble. When Thabeet was in the game, though, he was completely ineffective. Five points, five boards, one block (on  Blair, which he subsequently boarded and took right back in Thabeet's grill, right to the bucket). 

Blair took it straight to his chest, backing him down and pinning him to the floor. The only opponent close to Blair that Thabeet has really gone up against this year is Harangody, from Notre Dame. But Blair had a tougher time against Harangody. He just manhandled Thabeet.

So he might get Defensive Player of the Year, but when you start talking about some Hasheem Thabeet character as the NCAA Player of the Year (or hell, even the Big East Player of the Year), just don't forget about the time he got bitched by Big DeJuan Blair, a man among men in the Big East.

You wanna try reaching in on Blair in the paint? Witness the result:

I believe the technical term is "fucked the fuck up."

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