Monday, January 25, 2010

One of the Best and Most Hilarious Articles I've Read

Jim Morrison, sporting the Letting-Yourself-Go Beard, a.k.a. The Charlie Manson

I was trimming up my winter-growth beard the other day (we're rapidly progressing from "Rick Ross" toward "Afghanistan Warlord"), when I suddenly ran to the computer and began searching with crazy amounts of futility for...

...this hilarious article, which I originally found about eight or nine years ago while clicking around on Audiogalaxy. It's about the various types of beards found throughout the music world, from the Redneck-Rock Grizzly Adams to the Rastafarian to the Creative-Artist-Trying-Something-Out to the infamous "Kenny," named for its most widely-known appearances, on Kenny Rogers and Kenny Loggins. It's totally tongue-in-cheek, and side-splitting hilarious.

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