Saturday, February 13, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD: 'Pimpslapp'd!': A Horrifyingly-Inappropriate Valentine's Day Mix

If you're considering this mix as a last-minute Valentine's gift for your girl who loves music, I cannot stress this enough: DON'T.

Okay, so I don't want anyone to get overly offended, so let me just say first: this is intended as a joke, and there's a story behind it.

Back in the day, in high school, I had a female friend who was fairly big into feminism and women's liberation; which I'm all for. But she also wasn't above taking some good-natured ribbing about it. And it was the Golden Age of East Coast hip-hop and gangsta-rap, so my way of ribbing was generally to whip up mixtapes of the most misogynistic songs I could track down, and play them when we were hanging out or driving somewhere.

At first she would pretend to be offended, but a short time later, we're rolling down the road with her yelling "B*tches ain't sh*t but hoes and tricks!"

So that's the humorous place from whence this particular mix comes. It ranges from Too $hort to Biggie to Snoop Dogg and plenty of people you may not have even heard of before. And there are actually some positive songs here as well (for example, both of the Jeru da Damaja songs differentiate between ladies and "b*tches," a distinction many other entries here do not make).

Regardless, it's my Valentine's Day present to one and all. However, for fans of the podcast, there are no censor bleeps here... each and every song on the mix has explicit lyrics galore. So, for my father, who has been playing the podcast during his shift at the coffee shop, I CANNOT STRESS HOW INAPPROPRIATE THAT WOULD BE. And, I suppose, if you're planning on breaking up with your girl for V-Day, this would be perfect to leave in her mailbox.

Otherwise, enjoy some of the most willfully-ignorant, X-rated, misogynistic hip-hop you're likely to hear! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD! (link will be active until Feb. 20)

• Snoop Dogg Intro
Prince Paul - Dimepieces
• Quasimoto - Hydrant Game
• J. Dilla - Crushin'
• Biggie - Dreams of F***** an R&B B*****
• Thirstin Howl III - Dreams of F***** a Cartoon B****
• Jeru da Damaja - Da Bichez
• Jeru da Damaja - Me or the Papes
• Too $hort - C***tales
• Xzibit, Jayo Felony & Method Man - P**** Pop
• 2Pac - All Bout U
• Prince Paul - Beautiful Night
• Ant Banks - The Drunken Fool
• ODB - Got Your Money
• DJ Quik - Down Down Down
• Snoop Dogg - Fresh Pair of Panties
• Junior M.A.F.I.A. - We Don't Need It
• DJ Quik - I Useta Know Her
• Snoop Dogg - It Ain't No Fun
• ODB - Dog S***
• Redman - Soopermanluva, Pt. 3 (Pt. 2)
• Biggie - One More Chance
• Celly Cel - Skanlezz Azz Bytchez
• Snoop Dogg Outro

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