Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tonight's Setlist: 10/12/11, Frankie & Georgie's 4Wood Grille, Pittsburgh, Pa.

'Many is the night we spent pickin' and singin'...'

Good gig. Small crowd, but that will happen when it's a Wednesday night. And it's raining. And you don't start 'til 9'o'clock. Regardless, good crowd, and that's what's important. Click here to listen/download, courtesy of

Even more importantly, I finally got a chance to work in one of my favorite little jams, the English sea chantey "Spanish Ladies," otherwise known as the song Quint sings in Jaws. I actually have the full version with all the verses, but last night was just the chorus:

Althea (Dead)
Rain Song No. 2* >
Whiskey Bill (Trad., original arr.)
Black Peter (Dead)
Mother's Meth-Head Blues*
Dire Wolf (Dead)
You Can Keep It*
Big River (J. Cash) >
New Mexican Shuffle*
Southwest Sky* >
Eyes of the World (Dead)
Row Jimmy (Dead)
Pride of Cucamonga (Dead) >
Valerie (J. Garcia) >
Pride of Cucamonga (Dead) >
The Captain* >
Spanish Ladies (chorus only) (Trad. English sea chanty) >
The Captain* >
Sign on the Window (Dylan)
Midnight Moonlight (P. Rowan)
Early Morning Rain (G. Lightfoot) >
I Don't Know You (New Riders of the Purple Sage) >
You're a Big Girl Now (Dylan) >
Crazy Fingers (Dead) >
'Like a Rolling Stone' Jam >
New Speedway Boogie (Dead) >
Jam* >
The Other One (Dead) >
Smokestack Lightning (Howlin' Wolf) >
New Speedway Boogie
I Can't Be Satisfied (M. McKinley)


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