Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tonight's Setlist: 12/7/11, Sphinx Café & Hookah Lounge, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Difficulties with the feed? Yes.
Is it cool to be able to critique myself on video? Definitely.

May the gods curse the sh*tty audio cable I used for my guitar tonight. I couldn't find the regular cable I usually use, and had to go with the backup, which proved itself to be thoroughly unworthy. There was also another unfortunate instance of me blasting "Down in the Flood" with a thermonuclear warhead, this time in the form of an E string that mysteriously cranked itself down a half-step MIDSONG. I gave it a much more successful go mid-set.

Otherwise, good time, cool crowd, GREAT venue:

You Can Keep It*
Brown Eyed Women (Dead)
I Like It*
Mother's Meth-Head Blues* >
Dire Wolf (Dead)
Goin' to Acapulco (Dylan) >
She Wore a Wreath of Roses (Trad., orig. arr.)
New Mexican Shuffle*
Have Someone Play Dixie For Me (Dry Branch Fire Squad)
Down in the Flood (Dylan)
Row Jimmy (Dead) >
Quite a Night* >
Henry (New Riders of the Purple Sage) >
Wharf Rat (Dead) >
Me & My Uncle (Dead) >
Jam* >
Shakedown Street (Dead) >
Wharf Rat (Dead) >
Jam* >
Dark Star (Dead) >
Jam* >
Dark Star >
Jam* >
Mighty High (J. Ligon)


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