Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tonight's Setlist: 1/5/13, The Twisted Thistle, Leechburg, Pa.

'She don't fix my breakfast, 
she won't even wash my clothes...'

Got a surprise call from The Twisted Thistle for a Saturday-night set — why not? It's been a minute since I played solo. I've mostly been concentrating on rhythm guitar, slide and the occasional solo for Charlie Hustle & the Grifters gigs (SHAMELESS PIMPING: We're playing Jan. 12, St. James Place, 153 S. 18th St., Pittsburgh, only $5!). 

But true to form — and despite being a little rusty on a few numbers — I tried out a few new tunes, a few that we're gonna play next Saturday in the band and another song I learned from Crawford County bluesman Rodger Montgomery, my main man Magic Slim (the photo above) and the Teardrops' "Gravel Road."

Click here to download/stream the set, courtesy of

Early set:
Cumberland Blues (Dead)
Rubber Bullets (10cc)
Garbage Man (M. McKinley)
I Like It*
Dirty Business (New Riders of the Purple Sage)
Rain Song No. 3*
It Hurts Me Too (E. James)
Two Angels*
New Minglewood Blues (Trad., Weir arr.)
Scarlet Begonias (Dead) >
Who Do You Love tease > Scarlet Begonias
Dark as a Dungeon (M. Travis)

Late set:
Cold Rain and Snow (Dead)
Meet Me in the Morning (Dylan)
New Mexican Shuffle*
Third Street Woman (J. Reynolds)
Might as Well (Dead)
Quite a Night*
I Know What I Know (P. Simon)
Strange Moon*
Loser (Dead)
Lawyers, Guns & Money (W. Zevon)
Breathe (Pink Floyd) >
The Other One (Dead) > Breathe Reprise
Box of Rain (Dead)
Gravel Road (Magic Slim)
Junco Partner (Professor Longhair)


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