Monday, October 20, 2014

Saturday's 'Setlist': 10/18/14 Super-Dave's Super-Jam


Our drummer hosted a massive jam session this weekend in his rehearsal space. It was glorious. 

One thing about jam sessions: there's always too many guitar players. So I strummed for the first 45 minutes or so, then took the opportunity to jump behind the second drum kit and proceed to go all Rhythm-Devils-crazy with Dave the remainder of the night. It was a blast. Besides, too many of the songs I wanna play on guitar have some little tricky part that no one wants to take the time to learn (for evidence, see the "There's Actually a Third Part Jam," which goes nowhere fast!).

Taki the Mad Keyboardist was our leader for the most part, subtly guiding us through changes in the shape and feel of the jams. There are plenty of influences at work, and what comes out is a heady blend of hard-driving funk, R&B and blues, with just a touch of psychedelic madness courtesy of some well-timed guitar effects, Taki's insane Moog acumen and our double-drumming pushing and pulling the jams back and forth.

What a gas. Enjoy!

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Setlist (bearing in mind that I'm randomly naming most of the jams):
Let Him Go (Wailers)
Sweet Jane (L. Reed)
All Along the Watchtower (Dylan) > Whipping Post (false start)
Whipping Post Shuffle Jam
Lil' Red Rooster (C. Burnett)
Soul Jam
Taki's Spacey Jam
Phishy Funk Jam
Free Your Mind Jam* >
Second Line Jam** >
Breakdown Jam >
Superstitious-ish Jam** >
Blues Jam >
Monster Moog Jam >
Get On Up Jam** > Fame tease
Kyle's Low-End Warm-Up Jam >
Stretchy Funk Jam >
Kyle's Jam I** >
Hurricane Funk Jam
There's Actually a Third Part Jam
Just Pick Four Chords Jam
Chunky Funk Jam

*Billy T., improvised vocals
**Kyle Lawson, improvised vocals

From Charlie Hustle:
Dave Varasse, drums
Patrick Varine, guitar/vocals (through 'Soul Jam'), drums (rest of set)

Other players:
Kyle Lawson, guitar/vocals/bass
Taki Batis, keys/Moog
Billy T., vocals/congas
Will the Bass Player, bass
Several Other Fine Gentleman Whose Names Escape Me at the Moment, guitar/bass

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