Saturday, November 1, 2014

Last Night's Setlist: 10/31/14 Club Café, Pgh., Pa.

'Can you picture that?'

Best costume idea we've ever had. Easily.

[In case you're under the age of about 28 or so, that's Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem, the house band from "The Muppet Show" back in the day.]

Our drummer and his fiancee literally put 10 hours of work into what is a Jim-Henson-Creature-Workshop-quality Animal head. We even had the Swedish Chef and Camilla the Chicken to introduce us during the second set, which is regrettably the only one we got on tape (and the quality is not fantastic). But we're starting to really crank up a new Allman Bros. cover, "Les Brers in A Minor," mixing a Coltrane tune into the jam and, in honor of the season, a "Spooky" jam!

Early set:
Sympathy for the Devil (Stones)
New Mexican Shuffle*
Mother's Meth Head Blues*
Friend of the Devil (Dead) >
Run Through the Jungle (CCR) >
Friend of the Devil
Good Mornin' Lil' Schoolgirl** (J. Lee Williamson) >
Jam** >
Spoonful** (C. Patton) >
Schoolgirl Reprise**
Quite a Night*
Rain (Lennon/McCartney) >
China Cat Sunflower (Dead) >
Feelin' Blue (CCR)

Late set:
Can You Picture That? (D. Teeth/F. Pepper)
Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya (M. Rebennack)
Slow Train (T. Bruno) >
Les Brers in A Minor (Allman/Betts) >
Equinox (Coltrane) >
'Spooky' Jam >
Les Brers Reprise
Dock of the Bay** (O. Redding) >
Werewolves of London** (W. Zevon) >
Viola Lee Blues** (N. Cannon, Dead arr.)

**with Kyle Lawson as Zoot

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