Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tonight's Setlist: 1/25/15 Weather Permitting (Winter), New Bohemian, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Shakin' the walls at ol' St. Wenceslaus...

St. Wenceslaus, an old Polish church on Pittsburgh's North Side, has been converted into the New Bohemian, an awesome artspace/tattoo studio/host for today's Winter Weather Permitting food/music/beer extravaganza.

We played an acoustic set with Dave on congas for the first time, and it went over well. We cranked up "Friend of the Devil" to the original tempo and cast a nod to ska group and co-headliners The Pressure with an old-school Wailers tune, complete with a little spur'o'the moment "Bend Down Low" tease thrown in because I was listening to it over breakfast this morning!

Click here to download/stream the set, courtesy of

One set:
Gentleman of Leisure (J. Winchester)
New Mexican Shuffle*
Mother's Meth Head Blues*
Friend of the Devil (Dead)
Garden of Eden (New Riders of the Purple Sage) >
Let Him Go (Marley/Tosh/Livingston) >
Bend Down Low tease (Marley) > Let Him Go
Ophelia (The Band)
Back on the Train (Phish)


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