Friday, October 9, 2015

Tonight's Setlist: 10/9/15, PGH Abides III, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, Pa.

"Shut the f*ck up, Donnie..."

It was the typical blast at tonight's Lebowski-fest, PGH Abides at Spirit Hall in Lawrenceville. A nice big crowd, a nice high stage and our boy Huff subbing in on electric bass to add a little extra thump to the party.

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One set:
Blackjack Molly*
Gentleman of Leisure (J. Winchester)
Nine-Toed Blues*#
Big Bad Blues (Furthur)
Penthouse Pauper (CCR)
Lil' Red Rooster (C. Burnett)
Kiss and Tell (G. Love) >
Feelin' Blue (CCR)
Don't Let Go (J. Stone) >
Drumz >
Midnight Rambler (Stones)

#Written for PGH Abides

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