Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tonight's Setlist: 4/1/16, Hambone's, Pgh., Pa.

'Whiskey river, don't run dry...'

Hambone's was jumpin' tonight. I played both sets with my acoustic instead of my electric because of the smaller room, but it also gave us the chance to break out some oddities, like a quick little "Blackberry Blossom" jam coming out of a nice uptempo "Friend of the Devil."

Click here to stream/download the set courtesy of!

Early set:
Friend of the Devil (Dead) >
Blackberry Blossom (A. Smith) >
Whiskey River (W. Nelson)
Blackjack Molly
Quite a Night >
Gentleman of Leisure (J. Winchester)
Rain Song No. 3
Mother's Meth Head Blues
Slow Train (T. Bruno)
Northern Muse (V. Morrison)
Cumberland Blues (Dead)

Late set:
Mystery Train (J. Parker)
I Like It
Good Morning Lil' Schoolgirl (J. Williamson) >
Stone Soup >
Kiss and Tell (G. Love)
The Piano Has Been Drinking (T. Waits) >
Rain (Lennon/McCartney) >
Drumz >
Hush Pretty Mama >
Back on the Train (Phish)
E: Viola Lee Blues
E2: Deep Elem Blues

Oh yeah, we also opened for a really cool Oklahoma band, the NicNos, last week at Howler's Coyote Café! Click here to stream/download the set, courtesy of!

One set:
That's It >
Queen Cobra >
That's It
Mother's Meth Head Blues
Blackjack Molly >
Jam >
Rain Song No. 3*
Hush Pretty Mama* >
Back on the Train (Phish)

*First time played

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