Saturday, June 11, 2016

Last Night's Setlist: 6/10/16, Penn Hills Library Amphitheater, Penn Hills, Pa.

'Daddy's got them Deep Elem blues...'

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New tunes? Check. Disco-gospel? Check. My 3-year-old son occasionally wandering up to the stage to talk some shit? ("When does the music start, Daddy?") Check.

Early set:
Queen Cobra
Friend of the Devil (Dead) >
Let It Rock (C. Berry)
I Like It
The Cars Hiss By My Window (Morrison/Manzarek/Krieger)
New Mexican Shuffle
China Cat Sunflower (Dead) >
Feelin' Blue (CCR) >
Jam >
Gravel Road (M. Slim) >
Franklin's Tower (Dead)

Late set:
Cold Rain and Snow (Trad., Dead arr.) >
That's It
Lou-Easy-Ann (J.J. Cale)
Tupelo Honey (V. Morrison)
Deep Elem Blues (Trad., Dead arr.)
Magnolia (J.J. Cale) >
Stone Soup >
Drumz >
Mighty High (J. Ligon)

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