Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Last Weekend's Setlist (No. 1 of 2): 7/30/16 Bottoms Up Weekend Festival, Cameron, W.Va.

'It slipped right down the staircase,
it jumped right off the porch...'

We couldn't have asked for better weather at a late-summer show: 75 degrees and cloudy! Normally I'm a sweaty friggin' mess from Memorial Day to Labor Day, especially at outdoor gigs, but this was perfect, with a pleasant breeze blowing from behind the stage.

It was Show No. 1 of 2 that day: 75 percent of the band busted it back east for a bluegrass gig the same night at Four Seasons Brewing Co. in Latrobe.

Click here to download/stream the show courtesy of Archive.org!

One set:
That's It
Blackjack Molly
I Like It
Ophelia (The Band)
Stack-a-Lee (Trad., Rebennack arr.)
Gravel Road (M. Slim)
Deep Elem Blues (Trad.)
Strange Moon
Whiskey River (W. Nelson) >
Jam >
Feelin' Blue (CCR) >
Funky Werewolf
Viola Lee Blues (N. Cannon, Dead arr.)

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