Monday, January 9, 2017

Saturday's Bluegrass Setlist: 1/7/17, Nied's Hotel, Pgh., Pa.

'On the banks of the Ohio...'

So we had to designate our bass player to injured-reserve status after a late-afternoon mishap... luckily, five head-staples later, she's good as new! In the meantime, we had our homie Danny Rectenwald join us for a night of hot pickin' at Nied's Hotel.

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Early set:
Midnight Moonlight (P. Rowan)
Deep Elem Blues (Trad.)
Streetlight Mama
New Mexican Shuffle
In the Pines (Leadbelly)
Let Me Love You One More Time (Stanley Bros.)
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Dylan)
Blackjack Molly
No Expectation (Stones)
Have Someone Play Dixie For Me (Dry Branch Fire Squad)
You'll Never Miss the Water 'Til the Well Runs Dry (H. Linn, Varine arr.)
Peggy-O (Dead) >
Roving Gambler (Stanley Bros.)
I Know You Rider (Trad.) >
Whiskey Before Breakfast (Trad.)
Casey Jones (Dead)

Late set:
This Little Jar
Hold Me Back
A Lonesome Night (Stanley Bros.)
Feelin' Alright (D. Mason)
Hang Me Oh Hang Me (Trad.)
Friend of the Devil (Dead)
Dark Hollow (B. Browning)
Fox on the Run (T. Hazzard)
Dead Flowers (Stones)
Mystery Train (J. Parker)
Me and My Uncle (J. Phillips) >
Eat My Dust (D. Grisman)
Loser (Dead)
Banks of the Ohio (Trad.)
Nine Pound Hammer (M. Travis) >
Cherokee Shuffle (Trad.)
Powderfinger (N. Young) >
Rain (Lennon-McCartney) >
Ol' Slew Foot (J. Horton)
E: How Mountain Girls Can Love (Stanley Bros.)

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