Monday, March 16, 2009

Thanks, Anonymous Nigerian Cabbie from Chicago!

Special thanks to "Mistah X," the Anonymous Nigerian cabbie from Chicago who put me up on Timaya during our ride back from dinner at 1 North...

So me and my parents are on our way back from 1 North, at UBS Tower in Chicago last Tuesday night, and the Nigerian cabbie - there are quite a few African cabbies in Chicago, by the way - is rocking some badass-sounding reggae in the cab. When we got back to the hotel, I popped by head through the divider and asked him who it was.

He just starts beaming. "Is from Nigeria - Timaya."

I thanked him and gave him an extra tip. Then I went to the hospitality suite, started drinking Goose Island Ale and totally forgot all about it until the next morning. So I guess it's thanks to the cabbie AND to Google, who took my mangling attempt, "Tembaya" and figured out I meant "Timaya." Not only did it come up with his two latest albums, but I copped 'em BOTH for less than sixteen bucks!

The tracks range from slightly run-of-the-mill reggae to high African-harmony dancehall, with just the right dashes of Auto-Tune thrown in. Real good stuff. I highly recommend it, especially from, where I snatched 'em both up on the cheap.


  1. Man I should have cabbed back with you!

  2. I find stuff like this all the time - I learned about Puerto Rican reggae from this random PR kid who went to Duquesne. We were just hanging out in his room one night and I was like, 'What the hell is this?'

    And to prove how strange the world can be, like five years later they played here in Delaware during the same summer I moved here! How crazy is that?!?


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