Monday, September 28, 2009

'Burgh Sports Wrap

Heath, you're like the ONE bright spot from this week... and Fast Willie P... in the first half... actually, the bright spot was Willie Colon going one entire Sunday without getting three holding penalties...

In the immortal words of Baltimore's Clay Davis, "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit." You know, I felt bad when Kimo von Oelhoffen rolled up on Carson Palmer's ankle, too, but not bad enough to want the Cincinnati Bungles to actually get back on track.
The Bungles used to be just another cruel joke from the state of Ohio, which did college football great but just couldn't seem to get a grip on the pros. Now they're a reasonable threat in the AFC North, an apartment building where the Steelers are currently renting the sub-basement walkdown, by the way.
The worst part about this loss - since, let's face it, 1-2 is not the end of the world... 1-3 probably is - is that it was the
DEFENSE that is mainly to blame. True, Ben's interception was ugly, but that's on Santonio, who was chugging up the sideline without even a glance back. Palmer, however, led two late-game drives where the Bengals' running game just stomped all over the D line, enough to set up a decent passing attack. James Farrior looked like a shell of his former self in the fourth quarter, and the D is really showing how badly they need Polamalu back. Apparently he covers up a lot of mistakes.
Fuck me. Of
course the Pirates would start winning games (over the Dodgers, 11-1 today, Jesus Christ!) when it doesn't even matter anymore. Yeah, it's funny to see the Buccos staving off L.A.'s division-winning game, but really, when you're like 30 games under .500 again (and by "again," I mean "for roughly the 17th straight season"), who gives a shit?
Okay, so this wouldn't normally be included in the 'Burgh sports wrap, except for an update on The Greatest Back-Up Quarterback in the NFL, Byron Leftwich, who booked after last year's Super Bowl win to become a starter and instead became the first starter to get yanked this season (I think he beat out Brady Quinn by just a few minutes) during the Bucs' 24-0 curb-stomping, courtesy of the Giants. I really, REALLY liked the Steelers' acquisition of Leftwich last season. He was a great back-up, and I was hoping he would settle into that role. Can't blame him too much for cashing in when his value was super-high, but he's really falling flat on his face in Tampa Bay. It's too bad.
Fuck the Versus channel. Or, more accurately, fuck
Comcast, who won't let DirecTV broadcast Versus, thus preventing us from seeing the precious few regular-season Pens games we get down here. I'll be damned if I'm buying the DirecTV hockey package. The football package is already bleeding me dry...

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