Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Anyone Else Feeling That 'Sons of Anarchy' is Dragging a Little This Season?

Less pensive, more action...

 Maybe it's my fault for watching the whole first season over two days, but it kind of seems like the new season of F/X's Sons of Anarchy is dragging quite a bit.
There is a lot up in the air, to be sure: Darby helping out Henry Rollins and Alan Arkin's kid working the white-power/meth angle in Charming (and isn't it interesting that these neo-Nazi mooks are perfectly happy to sling drugs to their fellow crackers in Charming?), there's the Sons' gun-selling mess with too many gangs. There's Peg Bundy's Big Secret.

But I don't know. Maybe things will get ratcheted back up soon, but I'm just not really feelin' the B story about Bobby taking over the porno books. Hopefully this splinter between Jax and Hellboy will get going soon.

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