Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Screw Baseball. And the Pirates. Mostly Ross Ohlendorf.

Coincidentally, this is almost my exact feeling
about the last 17 years of Bucco baseball.

Ross Ohlendorf just won his MLB arbitration hearing, upping his new contract by about $1 million. He asked for arbitration — and won — after going 1-11 last year, with 4.07 ERA.

I know sports blows everything out of perspective, including contracts, but let's just attempt to put this into real-world terms. Let's say Ross Ohlendorf is a regular working stiff. This would mean that Ross was given 12 assignments over the course of six months. On 11 of those assignments, he failed miserably.

He then asked for a raise. And got it. His 4.01 ERA is literally middle-of-the-pack if you look at MLB team pitching stats in 2010. Why should he nearly double his salary for that performance?

Yahoo Sports said that arbitration panels take a player's whole career into account during these hearings. Fine. During his whole career, Ohlen-Douche is 13-25, with a 4.40 ERA. So, the question then becomes: Wha... tha... fa...?

I'm with Mark Madden on this one: f*ck baseball.

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