Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keisel 3:16... I Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription is More Beard

• When the Packers hold 'Game Night' and play Clue, there is only one suspect: Brett Keisel, in the backfield, with the beard.
• If Bam Morris had Brett Keisel's beard, he would have had a much better place to hide all that weed.
• If Neil O'Donnell had Brett Keisel's beard, no one would know who the f*ck Larry Brown is.
• Legend has it that Brett Keisel's beard is what enabled Cortes to conquer ancient Mexico. The Aztecs mistook it for their supreme god, Keizelcoatl.
• Sidney Crosby's Frito Bandito pube-'stache wants to be Brett Keisel's beard when it grows up.
• Brett Keisel's beard can fold a piece of paper in half eight times.
• Brett Keisel's beard is so frightening, it's not a beard. It's a feard.
• If Bill Buckner had Brett Keisel's beard... ironically, no one would know who Bill Buckner was. Kind of funny how that one works.
• SPOILER ALERT: In the season finale of "Big Love," Brett Keisel's beard beats up Bill Paxton and takes all his wives.
• If Stringer Bell had Brett Keisel's beard, Brother Mouzone really would be selling beanpies. In a wheelchair.
• Brett Keisel's beard once appeared on NBC's "Minute to Win It." In 27 seconds, it kicked Guy Fieri's stupid bi-colored, tri-pronged beard's ass, took his girl and ate his food.
• Brett Keisel cannot braid his beard. If he does, he will spontaneously sprout two large horns and spend Super Bowl week pillaging the greater Arlington area.
• While at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg befriended a janitor who was fired from the Steelers' training facility for locker-room theft. The man sold Zuckerberg a single hair from Brett Keisel's beard, which he ground into powder and snorted. Two hours later, he created Facebook.

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