Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tonight's (Impromptu) Setlist: 9/14/11, Frankie & Georgie's 4Wood Grille, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Special thanks to Dave Tauberg and Pappy Weingrad from theCAUSE for asking me to do a quick, impromptu set during intermission tonight at Frankie & Georgie's 4Wood Grille in Squirrel Hill... even if its spontaneous nature meant the second verse of "New Speedway Boogie" had a line that, unfortunately, went:

"In the heat of the sun, a man died of cold/Sta—hm'k'dr'skn—uh—or staaand and wait..."

Oh well. Sometimes that will happen:

Deep Elem Blues*
Boys in the Barroom
New Speedway Boogie >
The Other One >
New Speedway Boogie

*David Tauberg on bass

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