Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tonight's 'Tweener Set: 3/3/12, The Hideout, Pittsburgh, Pa.

"Nothin's shakin' on Shakedown Street..."

Special thanks to the Old E Allstars for letting me pluck a few tunes — including the debut of a brand-new song, "Dauphine" (lyrics below) — in between a few blissful hours of dirty soul. Click here to download/stream, courtesy of

Rain Song No. 3*
Strange Moon*
Alligator (Dead) >
Smokestack Lightning (C. Burnett) >
Shakedown Street (Dead)



"Dauphine" (P.Varine)

Way up at the top of Dauphine
The doors are painted and the girls all gleam
Steppin' down Bourbon when I caught that shine
Those girls catch me every time

Two doors down and around the bend
Cherise all dressed in red again
Leanin' out her garden gate
Actin' like I'm runnin' late

Down Dauphine a block or two
Annabelle and Emma Lou
Laughing low and singing how
I'm gonna be in trouble now

Down where Emma Lou gets paid
The doorways lean and the paint all fades
Father John falls out the bar
Says 'Hope that you know where you are'

Red light shinin' out on me
At the far end of Dauphine
Runnin' from a big po-leece
There goes sweet petite Cherise

I woke up a-feelin' broke
This old street it ain't no joke
A headlong fool could lose his green
With a wayward walk on down Dauphine...

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