Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tonight's Setlist: 2/25/12, The Hideout, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Man, is it great to be part of a full-on band.

Tonight was the debut of Charlie Hustle, and it was a blast. It's fun to play solo acoustic shows, and you have some more flexibility in your song selection, but the give-and-take of four musicians onstage, even when it gets a little awkward, is a totally different and tremendous beast.

We had our hiccups, but considering this was only the fourth time we've played including rehearsals — and the first time we'd played with our bassist! — I feel like it went smashingly well. Click here to download/stream the show, courtesy of!

Early set:
Feelin' Alright (S. Winwood)
Quite a Night* >
Floating Bridge (J. Estes)
Dock of the Bay (O. Redding)
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Dylan)
Rosin the Bow (Trad., original arr.) >
Franklin's Tower (Dead)

Late set:
Jimmy Olsen's Blues (G. Schenkman)
New Mexican Shuffle*
All Along the Watchtower (Dylan)
Good Morning Lil' Schoolgirl# (J. Williamson)
Warrior with a Bottle# (Old E Allstars)
Ain't No Sunshine# (B. Withers)
Mystery Train (J. Parker)
I Ain't Supersitious (C. Burnett)

#Feat. Langston Kelly, saxophone

Charlie Hustle is:
Kyle Lawson, electric guitar/vocals
Patrick Varine, acoustic guitar/vocals
Dave Varasse, drums
Tony Thomas, bass guitar

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