Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tonight's Setlist: 2/2/12, Coco Coffeehouse, Leechburg, Pa.

"Drivin' that train, high on cocaine..."

I've never done cocaine before, and I have no plans to try it. But listening to tonight's first set recording, it sure sounds like I need to watch my speed! Debuted a brand-new song tonight, "Strange Moon," that I think has the potential to become a regular in the rotation.

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Early set:
Man Smart, Woman Smarter (Dead)
Rain Song No. 3*
Have Someone Play Dixie For Me (Dry Branch Fire Squad)
You Can Keep It*
Copperhead Road (S. Earle)
Strange Moon*#
New Mexican Shuffle*
Quite a Night (in Spain)*
Feelin' Alright (S. Winwood) >
Alligator (Dead) >
Shakedown Street (Dead)
Ripple (Dead)

Late set:
Mother's Meth-Head Blues*
No Expectations (Stones)
Race Among the Ruins (G. Lightfoot)
I Like It*
Althea (Dead)
Bird Stealing Bread (Iron & Wine) >
Uncle John's Band (Dead) >
Shady Grove (D. Watson)
Sign on the Window (Dylan)
New Speedway Boogie (Dead) >
The Other One (Dead) >
Lady with a Fan (Dead) >
Stella Blue (Dead) >
Jack Straw (Dead)

#First time played

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