Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tonight's (Acoustic!) Setlist: 9/5/15 Park House, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Poppin' peanuts and pickin' at the Park House...

It was our second acoustic show in a row tonight, although this one wasn't really planned as a Charlie Hustle show. I played a quick solo set, The Grifters did their thang, and then we formed like Voltron for the late set, which is what will be posted to stream/download.

On a reminiscent sidenote, my uncle used to bring me to the Park House — one of those great old-school all-wood joints where you get free peanuts and you can toss the empties right on the floor — before Pirate games when I was a kid. So it was pretty cool to play there two decades later.

Click here to stream/download, courtesy of

Late set:
Come On Into My Kitchen (R. Johnson)
I Like It*
Mother's Meth Head Blues*
Love Please Come Home (B. Monroe)
Quite a Night*
Black Peter (Dead)
Berta Berta (Trad., Varine arr.)
Back On The Train (Phish)
Ophelia (The Band)
I Know You Rider (Dead)


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