Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tonight's Setlist: 9/20/14 Nied's Hotel, Pgh., Pa.

'We're gonna cover a song by my guilty-pleasure 
band... and Trish's earnest-pleasure band...'

Tonight felt like a good night. I'm listening to the first-set tape right now, but the second set always tells the tale. Nied's Hotel amphitheater is pretty great. We barely needed monitors because of the brick walls on either side of the stage, and started to hit a real nice groove midway through the early set, probably due to the addition of a few new numbers: an old bluegrass tune, "Midnight Moonlight," and a big bouncy Phish song, "Back on the Train."

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Early set:
Cumberland Blues (Dead)
Quite a Night (in Spain)*
I Like It*
New Mexican Shuffle*
Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning (D. Van Ronk)
Midnight Moonlight (P. Rowan)
Mother's Meth Head Blues*
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Dylan) >
Slow Train (T. Bruno) >
Gentleman of Leisure (J. Winchester)
Back on the Train (Phish)

Late set:
Evil Mind* >
That's It*
Friend of the Devil (Dead) >
Run through the Jungle (CCR)
Friend of the Devil
Equinox > 
Jam >
Stone Soup* >
Spoonful (W. Dixon) >
Jam >
Smokestack Lightning (C. Burnett) >
Viola Lee Blues (Dead) >
China Cat Sunflower (Dead) >
Viola Lee Blues

E: Mama Tried (M Haggard)#
Move It On Over (H. Williams)#

#with Slim Forsythe

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