Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Feel the sting... of the Monarch's wiiiiiing!"

Thus far...

• Mike Bray should have kept a tighter lid on the Guinness consumption last night... OLD DOM, BABY! GO MONARCHS! It's not often that I get one of the first-round upsets correct, so I can't help but think this is a good omen to kick off my bracket.

• (2:35 p.m.) Bobby Mo... about to ruin EVERYONE'S bracket, though it's still way too early to call... (2:48 p.m.) Didn't think 'Nova was going to stay down the entire game. Scottie Reynolds is turning it on now, but it's surprising how bad the Wildcats have looked... still, can't discount Bobby Mo keeping the pressure on 'em... (2:51 p.m.) Ohh, OT. Nice.... (2:55 p.m.) 3:06 left in overtime... this game is over. It's all 'Nova... (3:13 p.m.) Okay, so once again I've spoken too soon... but Scottie Reynolds just stroked another free throw... lookin' rough... (3:15 p.m.) Aaaaand it's all sewn up.

• How can there be a channel called CBS College... AND IT ISN'T SHOWING ANY NCAA GAMES? Oh, wait... they're gonna show the Butler/UTEP game... then it's back to "NCAA March Madness Central," a.k.a. The Wally Sczerbiak Show (more on that in Friday's podcast)

• Favorite moment of the first round of games: Bill Raftery, making a pointed observation about 'Nova's Yaphtou Marou at the free-throw line... "He has stroked it admirably."

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