Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On the Road in Orlando: Day 3

That's right... there are live ducks at the bar in my hotel. They may even be treated better than the guests, which would be pretty impressive, considering the level of service here...

A few interesting scenes from the last day or so:

• The chairman for my committee trying desperately to keep himself awake (unsuccessfully) throughout the course of Tuesday afternoon, topped by the journalist sleep-drooling on his conference badge in the middle of the press room.
• The reporter who wanted a new "Media" ribbon because she got food on hers. Say it with me now: "Maybe next time you could perhaps be less of a slob."
• The massive, seven-foot "Lego woman" mascot for ThermoFisher, who was walking through their press-conference line touching people's backs and generally creeping out the foreign journalists.
• The PR lady who just can't understand why things aren't exactly the way she wants, when she wants, despite her terminally-vague "instructions."

More to come...

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  1. patrick,
    who is the pr lady who can't understand why things arent exactly the way she wants, when she wants despite her terminally vague instructions......sounds hauntingly familiar :-)



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