Monday, November 24, 2008

An Open Letter to DJ Quik and Celly Cel

Best West Coast producer ever

Best gangsta rap record you never heard

If you are or ever have been a fan of West Coast classic gangsta rap, you need to hear Celly Cel's Killa Kali. It's not particularly for Celly's mostly throwaway Misogynist-By-Numbers aesthetic, where he's mainly smackin' hoes and getting his hair twisted up in Shirley locks; it's alright but never really that memorable (never really understood that, by the way... all of the macho posturing in the G-rap culture, and half of the dudes from Cali have their hair styled after a six-year-old redhead child star... kinda weird).

No, the reason is because it's probably the best G-rap record I own, and that's counting Doggystyle and the original Chronic. Okay, so it probably isn't better than Doggystyle, but it's got everything that makes that type of record great: heavy kicks and handclaps, high-end melodies, buzzing, thumping bass, full, squelchy synths and just a smorgasbord of great beats to smash in the ride.

His follow-up, The G Filez, was fucking horrible, which brings me to my next tangent:

DJ Quik hasn't released a new record in quite some time, and I suppose I can probably be thankful for that. His work on Snoop's latest disc with Teddy Riley was pretty banging, but when it comes to his solo albums, I can only listen to gawddamn AMG act like the Micro-Machine Man so many times while he tries to pretend he's not just DJ Quik's weed-carrier. So much of Quik's great, laidback G-funk has been wasted on his hangers-on that I sometimes forget he's my favorite West Coast producer.

So this is my plea. Quik, get together with Celly Cel and do a collab for your next solo joint. And leave AMG, Suga Free and the fucking DeBarge family out of it this time.

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