Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On This, the Eve of the 'Shield' Series Finale...

"Good cop and bad cop went home for the day. I'm a different kind of cop..." - Vic Mackey

I'm actually pretty amazed that the final season has come this far without the death of any major characters prior to tomorrow's season finale. I thought for sure SOMEONE would have caught a few hot ones by now. Several characters ALMOST did, but no... so, without further ado, my predictions sure to go wrong for the Shield series finale (Tuesday, Nov. 25, 10 p.m., F/X):

• Mara's collarbone finally pierces a vital organ, and she kicks off. I've been waiting for this stupid bitch to die ever since she stole the Money Train cash, which if you think about it, set the whole chain of events into motion that led to Lem's death and Shane's complete turn to the Dark Side of the Force, ha ha. She's done nothing but cause trouble and drive a wedge further between Vic and Shane.
• Mara's death sends Shane into a full-bore tailspin. He goes after Mackey head-on, blaming him for costing them their cash and forcing him to rob the house where she got her shoulder fucked up. He gets caught and hauled in by Julian and Tina, on a routine patrol. (Actually, though, if that happens, he may actually blow his brains out)
• Wyms is faced with a horrible decision: the only way to get Vic is to either snitch to Beltran and let all those drugs loose in Farmington, or snitch to Gardocki about Vic turning on him; Ronnie would undoubtedly run from the feds and foul up Vic's deal. I can't see her getting to Beltran, but she might stay her righteous streak for the chance at a little karmic justice on Mackey's ass.
• Cassidy kidnaps her step-brother from Danny's house. This is never going to happen, but it would be hilarious.
• Corrine finally breaks down and tells Vic what's been going on; he realizes he fucked Ronnie ever worse than he thought, but he's not going to off his ex-wife. 
• WHO'S GONNA DIE?: Shane, one way or another, Mara, Corinne, Ronnie, and either Dutch, Lloyd or Lloyd's mom.

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