Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome to OMM!

Welcome to Obscure Music Monthly. My boy from work, The Motherfuckin' JM, told me once upon a time that I should be the editor of a publication called 'Obscure Music Monthly.' Well here it is, beeyatch.

My main interest is music, so that's what I figure to focus on most of the time, but since I've all but abandoned striketeam.blogstream.com (a great blog address if ever there was one), I'm sure I'll muse a bit about The Shield on here, being as the penultimate episode is tonight, and by next Wednesday it will be no more.

Here's hoping Shane Vendrell catches a hot one.

I'm also hoping to make this the home base to try and get the newest beats and remixes to more of you. I keep promising to send CDs out, but it's not going very well. 

More to come!

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