Monday, December 29, 2008

128 Oz. of Haterade: Sterling Simms Edition

"I'm gon' do 80 on the freeway
Cravin' ya body
Switchin' bout four lanes
Thinkin' about it
Police are behind me tryin' to stop me
But I keep on drivin' 'cause I'm thinkin' 'bout your body
Police right behind me 'cause I'm DUI
But I keep on drivin' 'cause I'm thinkin' bout your body..."
- Sterling Simms, "DUI (80 on the Freeway)"

The basic framework for that song goes thusly: our mainest man Sterling has been doin' his thang with the Möet for a minute or two, and well, he's a little tipsy. But then he gets a late-night booty call, and the power of the pussy compels him to head over to her place, in the process attracting police attention for speeding while drunk. But he don't give a fuck, 'cause he's 'bout to tap dat ass like you never been had before! (as we all know, Möet Dick is much easier to work through than the much-reviled Whiskey Dick or, worse, the downright evil Four-Blunt Penis)

My question is this: is it fair for someone who has been - and remains - a big fan of gangsta rap to chastise this shithead?

At its core, gangsta rap is basically a recounting of life in shitty, violence-ridden neighborhoods by dudes who either were there at one time, are still there or are fronting like they are/were. And it's a vehicle for boasting about how hard you are and what you'll presumably to do a motherfucker who's dumb enough to step to.

Whereas Simms' song is pretty much saying, "I'm an asshole who is going out and deliberately putting innocent people at risk."

And no, I don't personally know anyone who has been killed in a DUI-related accident. I'm just sayin', it's one thing to talk about busting a cap in that ass for stepping on a man's Nikes... it's another to talk about purposely doing something that needlessly causes the death of people all over the U.S. in greater numbers than gun violence.

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