Monday, December 22, 2008

Review: 'Love the '80s,' by Zo! & Tigallo

Let your soul glow like Eriq La Salle in 'Coming to America'...

Nothing about my taste in music made me think I would like this six-song EP (two remixes) from Tigallo (actually Phonte from Little Brother) and Detroit producer Zo.

And yet here I am, dumbin' out for like the tenth time today to the sweet strains of a buncha covers of songs I'm used to hearing, well, quite frankly, in the dentist office waiting room.

But even the frantic whine of a dental drill boring into my molar roots couldn't stop me from doing what me and my boy used to call the "High in the Car Dance" to the billowing, synthy goodness of Joe Jackson's "Stepping Out 2008." Somehow they made that piano figure, that sounds oh-so-motherfuckin' corny in the elevator into a beautiful thing.

And yes, Phonte sounds a little bit like Lionel Richie Lite, but that works really well here. Love the '80s is truly a guilty pleasure.

There's supposedly only 2,500 copies of this pressed, but you can get it at Fat Beats and a couple other places.

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